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The perfect book for the health-conscious family.

  • More than 500 creative recipes, lots of helpful tips and easy-to-follow-steps that contribute to the understanding of their preparation.

  • Recipes that will help you control your weight. They are nutritional but not fattening!

  • Recipes that make fasting and the vegetarian cuisine tasty, versatile and fascinating.

  • Recipes that allow you to enjoy eating, savour flavours and in the meantime lose weight!!

  • Low cholesterol diet

  • Healthy and delicious recipes

  • Nutritional but not fattening

  • Meatless but not tasteless

"An excellent collectors' addition to every cookers' bookshelf.

Inside the Book

Artichokes in oil or else Anginares à la polita

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A nice light and healthy meal, which is fairly quick and simple to prepare. It’s called “a la Polita” as it came originally from the

Eggplants with red sauce

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Aubergines, more commonly known as eggplants, come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The most popular eggplant is the large purple eggpla

Flaky Pastry with Cheese (tiropita in Greek)

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Is a Greek layered pastry food made with layers of buttered pastry crusts and filled with a feta cheese-egg mixture. It is usually made in a large


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The Greek word pastitsio derives from the Italian pasticcio, which loosely translates to a mess or a hodgepodge. Three essential components make up t



..... these recipes are products of a long-standing experience of over thirty years. They are recipes well tried in practice, namely in the cooker and the frying pan. They are not theoretical or academic recommendations.....

Orthodoxy in Greece and in the World Magazine, June 1995

...Priestmonk Dositheos of the Holy Monastery of Tatarna got on with the publication of amazing recipes that had fascinated pilgrims who had tasted them. Delicacies followed by many spontaneous thanks to God...

EINAI Magazine, 21.11.1995

...The book's title prepares you for something good, but its contents are more than good. Traditional recipes for fasting and specialities... A true treasure that carries the aroma of an old age and honors our gastronomic heritage.

Aglaia Kremezi newspaper Eleutherotypia, 1994

...his book is a great hit, because it is content wise true, right, honest and valuable -the best of the kind- I have come across lately.

Mary Panayotidou newspaper Sunday Tribune, June 1994

...He wrote an excellent book on monastic cookery...

Spyros Kakouriotis magazine Nutrition and Health, April 1994

...Part of this rich tradition (of the monastery cookery) reaches us through a book titled Greek Monastery Cookery, written by Archimandrite Dositheos...

Thaleia Tsichlaki magazine Marie Claire

The book by Archimandrite Dositheos surprises the reader primarily with its title Wizardry of the Cooks - Greek Monastery Cookery, but also with its graceful style.